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Frequently asked questions


What is the best screensaver?

What is screensaver or screen saver?

How to set up a screensaver?

How to delete a screensaver?

How to use your Windows password for your screensaver password?

How to create a screensaver from your photos?

How to create an icon to start up a screensaver in Windows Vista?

What is distributed compunting and SETI?

How to mute a screensaver?

How to prolong the run time of a screensaver?

What is the screensaver of the day?

How to disable SmartScreen on Windows 10

How to delete (remove) screensaver in Windows 10


How to download a wallpaper from and install it to iPad.

How to Make a Desktop Wallpaper a Screensaver?

How to download and install a wallpaper?

How to delete an animated wallpaper?

How to download and how to use animated wallpapers?


Free Newsletter: how to unsubscribe?

How to change Home page in a browser?

How to contact Team?

Why are screensavers and wallpapers published on our site FREE?

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