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You are on our News Page. Here you will find information about our new screensavers and wallpapers, changes on the website and other news from NewFreeScreensavers.com.
Update for Halloween
10 25 2012

Halloween is round the corner. New wallpapers and screensavers are released specially for Halloween that is celebrated on October 31…(read more)

Wallpapers For iPad: How to Download
10 09 2012

Most people are used to change desktop wallpapers on their computers and do it easily, but do not even know that it is also possible to spruce up their iPads with new and not preinstalled wallpapers. How to download and install a wallpaper for an ipad directly from iPad …(read more)

Halloween Screensavers or Be Ready for Halloween!
09 27 2012

Are you ready for Halloween?  NewFreeScreensavers.com is ready and offer a big collection of Halloween screensavers. Long before the beginning of the Halloween, people start planning (read more)

Animated Wallpapers
07 30 2012

Animated wallpaper is a new trend in desktop enhancement. Newfreescreensavers.com offers 4 animated wallpapers on nature and abstraction theme. (read more...)

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