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Here are free wallpapers from www.newfreescreensavers.com. Here you will find animated and static wallpapers, which are available for PC, Mac and iPad. Desktop wallpapers will spruce up your monitors and make your time spent in front of a computer brighter. The wallpapers are available on different themes: nature wallpapers, 3D desktop wallpapers, holiday wallpapers, etc. The collection is updated very often.

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Animated Wallpapers

Animated wallpapers are the wallpapers that include animation and different simple effects, such as water ripples, sparkling, flying object, etc. Animated wallpapers support only Windows, including Windows Vista. For user`s convenience animated wallpaper can be disabled and enabled at will. To learn How to download and how to use animated wallpapers, please read our FAQ.
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Static Wallpapers

Static desktop wallpapers can be of two types: wallpapers featuring a beautiful picture and slide show wallpapers, which include several pictures. To select wallpaper, visit our page All Wallpapers.
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